The Student After Life

Valuable lessons to take away from college as the real world approaches

Strictly hypothetical…


Let’s say we have a blog writer, we’ll call her “Abby”. Abby looks for inspiration for her blog everywhere. This time, she’s in the library looking around, looking for people who might be doing something that she could blog about. She’s got her blog site open, a fresh page for a fresh post. Only Abby is making a critical mistake. She doesn’t have a plan.

Shame on you, Gabby…I mean..uhh… Abby.

When doing an assignment for class, make sure you always have a plan.

Abby typed something out, re-read it, then held down “Backspace” because she hated what she wrote. What was the point of that?! There was none! Now all she has is a blank page with that cursor just blinking over and over and over again as if it’s mocking her. “Hellloooooo. Are you still there? Gonna write something anytime soon?!”

Abby thinks to¬† herself, “Be quiet cursor. I’ll get to you in a minute. I’m planning.”

She’s sitting there staring at the blinking cursor when all of a sudden…AN IDEA!

“THIS. IS. GENIUS.” she thinks to herself. Her fingers spring into action and begin typing words at speeds she didn’t even know she had. She looks up and sees that she’s successfully completed ONE paragraph…..and she’s written all she can.


Backspace. Backspace. Backspace. Backspace.

This is where a plan would be helpful.

At this point in the game, Abby is most likely on Facebook, refreshing every 5 minutes hoping for some earth-shattering news or for someone to post something really profound that will become the inspiration for her assignment.

NOTHING. She begins to blame her Facebook friends for not posting anything that is blog-worthy. How rude of them.

Then out of nowhere. ANOTHER IDEA.


…oh no, she’s had that thought before.

Before she knows it, she’s typed out an assignment about how having a plan is essential.

No backspace required.

Again, this was strictly hypothetical.

Feel free to stop blinking now you evil cursor.


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