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Food chain

on March 7, 2012


Inspiration has been lacking lately. Time has become a precious commodity. Blogging unfortunately took a back seat to other classwork. But I’m back with a vengeance.

Today we’re going to talk about professors. Ready, set, go!

In high school we’re all made to believe that there is a very specific hierarchy that exists within the walls of our school. Goes a little something like this:

Principal –> Administration –> Teachers –> Us

There we are. Bottom of the food chain.

Then we enter college. Same frame of mind still applies. (Yes I know colleges don’t have principals, so substitute that for President).

Should the President be respected and treated as though they’ve work their behind off to get to this position? Absolutely.

Does that mean their untouchable? Absolutely not.

But we aren’t focusing on the President (oh, just FYI- Longwood’s president recently participated in a flash mob. It’s okay to be jealous other schools). We’re focusing on professors.

Don’t be afraid to approach your professors for help. I know some of them give off a “I’m better than you because I have 47 master’s degrees and I’ve written 14 dissertations” vibe, but you never know how they really are until you approach them outside of class. OF COURSE they’re going to give off a “I’m the professor, you’re the student” feeling in class. There has to be a sense of.. I don’t want to say dominance because they aren’t necessarily in charge of us…but there has to be a sense of respect and understanding that occurs between a professor and his/her students.

I’ve never had the greatest grades in college. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I’ve managed to do alright, but never great. Professors are available to help you be great. (Man, how cheesy was THAT?!)

The hierarchy exists in college. Just not in the same way. Don’t be afraid to approach your professors outside of class. It took me a couple semesters to realize that professors are people too (but oh man isn’t it still sooo awkward to see them at a restaurant or at the grocery store?!) They’ve been in our shoes before. Trust me, professors will remember who came to them outside of class for help.

Break the food chain.

Until next time…


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