The Student After Life

Valuable lessons to take away from college as the real world approaches


Here are two examples of conversations I have when I tell someone that I go to Longwood.

Number 1:

Them: “Where do you go to school?”

Me: “Longwood”

Them: “Are you going to be a teacher?”

Number 2:

Them: “Where do you go to school?”

Me: “Longwood”

Them: “Where is that?”

Me: “Farmville.”

Them: “That’s a real place?!”


Yes people, Farmville is a real place. There are hardly (if any) farms at all, so there’s no need to ask if there is more cows than people here in this quaint little town. Longwood, while known for their teaching program, does offer other majors.

I’m often embarrassed to tell people that I’m a 5th-year senior. I often get that, “Oh. What classes did you fail?” face from people, so I try to avoid the situation entirely. The real story? Psychology consumed my life for the first three years here at Longwood.  I never saw myself being the “Tell me how you feel” kind of person, so I did a complete 180 and switched my major to Communication Studies. (Notice there is no “s” at the end of communication.) It was in this major that I was presented this opportunity (okay, more like told to do this for a grade) to write this blog. People often say “College is the best years of your life”, and whether you’ve been here for 1, 2, 3, 4, or yes, even 5 years, I think everyone can find some truth in that statement. This blog is going to offer up some often humorous tips/life lessons I’ve been fortunate enough to learn in my 5 (I’m starting to get less embarrassed now) years here at Longwood and how they can carry over into that real world we’re all trying to avoid.


Until next time…